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Practical Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe At Christmas

By December 9, 2020No Comments

Practical Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe At Christmas


Christmas will soon be here and for burglars that means one thing; opportunity! Piles of expensive presents will be piling up under Christmas trees and on show through the living room window. Thieves use Christmas as a time to cash in. This is why we have put together some practical tips for keeping your home safe at Christmas.

  • Lived-In Homes

If you are out for the day or away for the weekend, make sure your home looks lived in. Ask a trusted neighbour to park their car in your drive. Set timers for internal lights and outdoor security lights to go on. Make sure that a passing potential thief thinks your home has someone in and this will deter them from breaking and entering your home.

  • Hide Presents

The huge amounts of presents under the tree at Christmas make this time of year a burglar’s dream. This, in turn, can make Christmas a family’s nightmare. Put your Christmas tree or presents out of sight from those passing by your windows. Try and keep your Christmas tree and the presents under it as far away from the window as possible. This reduces the opportunity of a quick smash and grab for opportunistic thieves.

  • Security Cameras

Use security cameras outside your home to see what is going on in your neighbourhood. Look out for suspicious activity or strangers looking in the windows of your neighbour’s homes. CCTV surveillance cameras will help you feel safer in your home and they will deter criminals too. You could also install a cloud-based security camera system that enables you to see the security footage live, wherever you are.

  • Christmas Light Awareness

Think about how you install your Christmas lights. If you have outdoor Christmas lights that are powered from inside your house, how does the wire come in. A crack where the wire goes into the house can be all a burglar needs to force your door or window open. If you can, hire an electrician to install an exterior outlet. Alternatively, make sure the window is locked shut, or run the power through your securely locked garage.

Christmas should be a wonderful and jolly time for everyone. Make sure yours isn’t ruined by a security mishap and follow our tips for keeping your home safe at Christmas.