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Protecting Your Bike From Theft

Protecting Your Bike From Theft

If you have ever had your bike stolen, you’ll know how distressing it can be. During the pandemic a lot of people bought new bikes with aims of improving their fitness. Some of these bikes costs hundreds, even thousands of pounds. If you have a bike, then you will want to keep it safe and secure. In this blog post we share some top tips for protecting your bike from theft.

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Now, let’s look at some of the ways you can go about protecting your bike from theft.

  • Double Lock It

Using two locks will help slow down the potential bike thief or even deter them completely. We recommend that you have two different locks and one of these should be a D lock. Thieves rarely carry tools to break two kinds of bike locks so this could stop them stealing your bike.

  • Lock It All

Think about where you are placing your bike locks. It’s important that you use your bike locks to lock the bike frame and the bike wheels to the secure cycle frame. This will make it harder for your bike to be stolen by a potential bike thief.

  • Secure It

When securing your bike, make sure you put it as close to the bike stand as possible. This will give your potential bike thief as little room as possible to manoeuvre the bike. Again, this will make the job of stealing your bike even harder and more time-consuming.

  • Park It Safely

As well as ensuring your secure your bike safely, think about where you leave it too. Take the time to choose a recognised and secure bicycle parking. This should be a location that is well lit and also covered by CCTV surveillance cameras.

  • Register Your Bike

There are free cycle databases on line where you can register your frame number. We recommend two websites in particularly. These are BikeRegister and Immobilise. You can find your frame number underneath the bike. It will often be between the pedals or at the frame where the back wheel slots in. If your bike is stolen and recovered by the police, it can be traced back to you this way.

  • Security Starts At Home

While we have spoken about keeping your bike safe when you are out and about, you need to secure it at home too. Potential thieves may see you out and about on your bike and see where you live. Your home then becomes a target as they think they can steal and sell your bike. Think about your home security. Do you have alarms on your shed or garage where your bike is stored? Do you have motion sensor lights or CCTV cameras on the entrances and exits to your home?


Need help securing your bike safely at your home? Contact our home security team now.