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Fire And Security Risks To Be Aware Of When Returning To The Office Post Covid

Fire And Security Risks To Be Aware Of When Returning To The Office Post Covid

Many employees are returning or have been returning to the office post covid. Lots of business owners have been creating a more hybrid way of working for their employees. Allowing and enabling employees to work flexibly is great for business. However, as you are returning to the office post covid, there are fire and security risks that you need to be aware of.

Building Layout Changes

For example, you may have changed the layout of your business to allow for social distancing. Also, if you have less people in the office, you may have less desks too. Perhaps you have turned spare offices into spaces for other uses. These could include a kitchen and staff chill out area, gym space or wellness zone.

While these are great spaces to have available for your employees, they can become fire or security risks. If you have changed the use of some of your rooms within the business or the layout of your business has changed, call our team. We can complete a security and fire safety review of your business for you. Our commercial security and fire professionals will make recommendations as to how your business security and fire safety can be improved.

Fire Alarm Tests

During your time away from the office fire alarm tests and maintenance checks of your fire alarm system may have been missed. Take the time to check when the last fire alarm test was completed. Are all your employees aware of what to do in case of a fire? Did you miss the annual fire alarm system test? You may have different employees working on different shifts or days with flexible working. Is there a trained fire safety person within the business at all times?

If you are unsure of the last time your fire alarm system was checked or maintained, call our commercial fire safety specialists. We can book you in for fire alarm check and pre-book in your next years maintenance check too. Maybe you have noticed flashing lights or some of the fire alarms are faulty or not connected? Again, just call our team and we can book you in for a fire safety site visit.

Security Checks

Just as with the trained fire safety person within your business, is there someone in your business that can complete safety checks of your business? Who knows the intruder alarm codes and can check the CCTV cameras? Speaking of which, when were these security systems last checked to ensure that they are in good working order?

It’s a good idea to book a commercial security site visit for your business. Our commercial security specialists can ensure that your business premises are secure and people within your business are safe. Call us now to find out more.

Don’t forget, if you are a member of The Cyclists of Stamford, we can complete a free site visit for you. During this time, we will ensure that your business is both fire safe and secure.