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Protecting Your Business From The Outside In

By December 16, 2020No Comments

Protecting Your Business From The Outside In

There are lots of ways in which you can protect and secure your business. In this blog post we share some of the ways in which you can go about protecting your business from the outside in.

For example, your rubbish area. A well-maintained and clan exterior that is free from rubbish, old office furniture and graffiti will reduce the likelihood of your business being targeted by criminals. This is because it shows potential criminals that your building is well looked after and cared for. Put a rota in place to clean up the exterior. If you see any graffiti call the local council. They have a specialist team that cab remove the graffiti for you.

Take a walk round the outside of your business with your team. Look for areas of your business that could be vulnerable to forced entry. Look for ways to make them more secure. For example, a broken window to the toilets or an open window into the staff canteen.  It’s important to make sure than any service doors are locked and secure when not in use too.

If you have a monitored alarm in place, make sure it is fully operational. Check with your security company that it is working and being monitored correctly. If you do not have an alarm system in place to protect your business, call our team. We can recommend the best alarm system for your business and install it for you too.

When was the last time you checked your CCTV cameras? Are they still needed in the same areas? If your business has expanded or a new door has been built, you will need to think about where your cameras are. Do you have full visibility? During the seasons bushes and trees grow. These could now be covering your cameras and blocking your view. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of plants and trees too. The bigger they are the more spaces there are for criminals to hide in them. If you need to install new cameras or upgrade your existing security cameras call our team.

Think about where your wheelie bins are left. If left outside they can be used by criminals to climb upon and gain access to your building. Consider storing them somewhere safe and not leaving them outside so you don’t help thieves. Doors and windows are particularly vulnerable so make sure you use security-rated doors and windows to make them burglar resistant.

Make sure you have sufficient outdoor lighting. This is especially the case around entrance, exits and loading areas. As we have said before, burglars love working under the cover of darkness so give them as little darkness around your business premises as possible. The lighting outside will also help get better images on the security cameras too.

Take the time to move high-value goods away from windows and doors so they can not be seen as temptation. Ideally lock them away so thieves know they will not have an easy time stealing from your business. Try not to keep cash on the premises and have a sign in the window that states this. It’s important that you keep your storerooms locked and not clearly marked either. This way a burglar cannot see from the outside where the storeroom is so they cannot plan their attack on your business.


If you would like help protecting your business from the outside in, then call our team now.