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Protecting Your CCTV Security Footage

By June 11, 2019July 1st, 2019No Comments

How are you protecting your CCTV security footage?

We install CCTV systems into and around our homes and businesses to protect ourselves. We don‘t ever imagine that these CCTV systems could be stolen or damaged. However, in some cases this does happen. This is why it is essential you consider how you are protecting your CCTV security footage.

There are lots of different ways that you can protect your CCTV security footage. We have put some of these below for you;

Change Passwords

Change passwords. Just as you do with bank details, email accounts and social media profiles. We recommend that you regularly change the password on to protect your CCTV security footage. Try to use a random selection of numbers, letters and special characters to create a strong password. Make sure you don’t have the password written down near the CCTV cameras or systems so they cannot be deleted or cleared if a break in does take place.

Stay Updated

You need to ensure that you are on top of all the latest software systems and you complete upgrades as they take place. In the evolving world of technology, software can quickly become outdated. We recommend that you also keep an eye on the security software for devices where you can store or view CCTV security footage.

Avoid Risks

While the emergence of cloud storage has been incredible for ease and convenience, it has opened up a can of worms for storing important information. Make sure you have full control of who can see the security footage that is recorded. Also how it is stored so it cannot fall into the wrong hands. Make sure that CCTV security footage is only viewed for the purposes it was intended for.


Your CCTV cameras will protect your home and business. It is essential that your CCTV camera security footage is protected too. Why not contact us now to talk about protecting your CCTV security footage. We’d be happy to recommend the best home security or business security solutions for you.