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Reducing Risk For Your Business

By February 24, 2021March 1st, 2021No Comments

Reducing Risk For Your Business

It’s essential that as a business owner you are managing and reducing risks for your business where possible. Many businesses across the UK are currently working with reduced occupancy to meet covid-19 regulations. This means some business premises are empty and may have been closed at speed. However, it is essential that your business premises are secure at this critical time when there could be an increased risk of illegal activity.

Here at Jensen Security we want to help you with reducing risk for your business. This is why we have put together some actions you should consider to help address and reduce the threat on your unoccupied business premises. These points should be included as part of your overall security strategy for your business. This will help ensure your premises remain safe and secure during this time.

These are the checks we would recommend for reducing risk for your business;

  • Remove any sources of ignition or fuel which could cause the spread of fire. This will reduce the risk of arson in or to your business.
  • When leaving the business premises or on regular checks, make sure the gates, barriers, rollers and shutter doors are in good working order as well as locked, firmly in place.
  • Check your intruder alarm is functioning properly. When was it last maintained? When the alarm is triggered, who is informed and how?
  • Make sure nothing is blocking or obstructing your CCTV cameras or intruder alarm detectors so they can track something if it happens.
  • Take the time to check all door and window locks from the inside and out. Don’t just check windows and shut and locked but check the locks work too.
  • Walk through your business premises to ensure that all internal fire doors are closed. In case of a fire, this will help slow down the spread throughout your business.
  • Check the outside of your business to remove any equipment that could be used to help intruders enter your building through windows or flat roofs.
  • Make sure that all valuable items are out of site. This includes computers, safes, laptops, printers and even charity boxes. Either remove these valuables or hide them away.

Employees may be popping into the workplace to print things off or grab things they need to work from home. Make sure they are given the above to reduce risks for your business. It is recommended that you or a member of your team also complete regular checks, even while the businesses premises is closed.