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Fire Safety

Sandy Upper School: Fire Safety Installations

By December 10, 2018No Comments

A project focused around fire precaution improvements for a Central Bedfordshire School.

Jensen Security previously received an extensive project to improve the security and fire safety within several Central Bedfordshire schools.

In this case study, we will be discussing the extent of the work, which our team completed at Sandy Upper School. This high school holds hundreds of students, staff and receives numerous visitors each day.

The council of the school wanted to improve the safety measures within the building, so with their proposal, we got to work.

What did the project involve?

Due to the size of the school, our engineers needed to install fire safety equipment throughout the property.

To prevent disturbing school classes during the day, our team worked out of hours. Both during the evening and night, Jensen Security worked around the clock to wire in and install fire alarm systems.

At one point throughout the project, we had to cooperate with asbestos contractors. For the school safety and our own, we required specialist help when working within the roof of the building.

What equipment did we install?

To help Sandy Upper School achieve the best level of fire safety, our team chose to install 4 Notifier Pearl Control Panels that would connect to 4 Smart devices.

Our engineer Simon Cockman took charge of the installation project, creating a deadline for completion and planning how the team would approach each task.

The installation of the 4 FAS (Fire alarm systems) would improve the safety of the school 24 hours a day.

Pearl Notifiers connect to Smart fire alarms that we dot around the school. When a smoke detector is set off, details of the trigger will appear on the fire alarm control panel.

The notifiers will tell the user if there’s a fire, fault or issue with the Smart device. These control panels are specifically helpful for emergencies where firefighters can find out the exact location of the light within the school

How did we find the project?

Jensen Security’s engineers took a couple of weeks to complete the project, making sure that every install worked to the expected standards. Our team wired in the smart devices, testing them with a smoke device to ensure the red light showed.

After testing for the red light on all the smart devices, we could understand that the detectors were working effectively. Once all of the equipment was hooked up to the fire alarm control panel, we run a full test on the four systems. 

Overall we found the project challenging yet rewarding. Rewarding for the fact we were helping safeguard the lives of many students and staff.