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Securing Your Home Over The New Year

By November 27, 2019November 29th, 2019No Comments

Securing Your Home Over The New Year

Statistics show that most burglaries in the UK will happen between Christmas and New Year. This is a time when there will often be more valuables in the home. These valuables will be easier to find because they are under the Christmas tree, or stacked up waiting for space to be made around the home for them. This is also the time when people are in and out of their homes, or staying away/

It is essential that you consider ways of securing your home over the New Year, to avoid being the victim of theft. The evenings are darker and there are lots of ready boxed valuables for thieves to take. Thieves love the cover of darkness to work in and there is a better chance of a greater haul at this time of the year too.

Whether you are out for the evening or just heading off to bed, make sure your home is safe and secure. Double check that your windows and doors are shut and locked securely before heading to bed or going out. Make sure you set any intruder alarms too. A visible intruder alarm is a strong deterrent for thieves. If you do not have an intruder alarm installed, then speak to our team. There is still time to install an intruder alarm before Christmas.

A Christmas tree all lit up with stacks of presents underneath looks lovely when you come home from a long day. However, it also looks attractive to thieves passing by. Make sure that your gifts and valuables are not left in clear view for people passing by your windows.

CCTV security is a really cost effective way of protecting your home. Not only do they act as a deterrent for potential thieves, they can also catch thieves in the act. This means police have more chance of catching the criminals and it is then more likely you will have your items returned. Some CCTV camera systems will be triggered when there is movement and you get an alert to your phone. You can then see the intruder in your home and call the police.

Keep your home safe and secure this New Year. Need help securing your home over the New Year?  If you would like a home security quote, please contact out team.