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Six Simple Security Tips To Keep Your Business Secure

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Six Simple Security Tips To Keep Your Business Secure

It is essential that you keep your business secure at all times, when you are there and when the office is closed. In this blog post we have put together six simple tips to keep your business secure. While they may be simple and obvious security tips, they are things that can get overlooked on busy days. But, you can be assured that your burglar will not overlook them if you or your team do!

  1. Put up a reminder at exits of the building to remind all staff members to double check all windows and doors are locked and secure before they leave. If they notice any door or window locks that look damaged or won’t close then contact a professional locksmith as a matter of urgency.
  2. While it may be tempting to have an easy spot to leave to company pool car keys, office keys or codes for security alarms, avoid this where possible. Having these things on show can make like easy for a potential thief. Make sure keys and security codes are hidden away to avoid the risk of theft.
  3. If your employees use work tools such as hammers or screwdrivers, ladders or similar then make sure they are locked away safely. If this equipment is left out, not only can it be stolen, it can also be used by the thief to gain entry into your business and steal from your premises.
  4. Ensure your team are aware of strangers calling at the office. They could be checking out your business, the valuables available and the entry points to your business. If you have suspicious visitors to your business contact your local PCSO and neighbouring businesses.
  5. We would recommend that you get a level of burglary insurance cover that is higher than what you need. Also make sure that all receipts for equipment and machinery are kept as these will help in your insurance claim. When new items are purchased take photos of them and record any serial numbers.
  6. Book a security review. Contact our business security specialists for a business security review. We will look at the security you have in place and recommend ways that this can be improved.
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