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Christmas Home Security Part Two

By November 13, 2019November 15th, 2019No Comments

Christmas Home Security Part Two

In our last blog post we looked at home security over Christmas. We spoke about the rise in crime over the festive period. The importance of internal lighting and double checking locks was looked at two. This is the second of our Christmas home security blogs and in this blog post we will be looking at disposing of Christmas packaging, social media, Christmas lighting and a clever trick of thieves.

It’s really exciting that you got your child a brand new laptop, bike or TV. However, when you put the packaging out by the bin, you are telling the thief exactly what new (and expensive) belonging is in your home. Try and break down larger, descriptive packaging or bag it up. Make it impossible for thieves to see what you got or gave for Christmas.

Don’t forget that if your social media account isn’t private, when you show of your lovely Christmas gifts; you are showing the world too. Make sure you are careful about what you share online and who you share it with. The same goes for a day with the family or a night out with friends. When you pop it online, you are telling a potential thief your home is empty.

Speaking of going away, if you are staying away over Christmas, think about the security of your home. Have a read of our summer security tips for some security ideas. Pop your lights on a timer, or get a neighbour to pop round to your home and turn the lights on for you, or keep an eye on your home.

Christmas lights covering the outside of your property look great. However, where are yours plugged in? If you have left your window open a crack to plug the lights in inside your home – this is a crack that a thief can use to enter your home. Be careful leaving windows, doors or garages open, even the smallest amount, as this is ‘welcome’ to a potential thief.

Now, for a top trick of potential thieves. This is something you need to be aware of. Thieves may pose as lost delivery drivers or charity collectors. When they knock at your door they will be checking out if your door was locked and what is in your home. This way, if you are building snowmen in the back garden for example, they will know your door is unlocked and where your expensive possessions can be found.

If you want us to look at your Christmas home security, give us a call.