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Securing Your Shed From Burglars

By November 28, 2022No Comments

Securing Your Shed From Burglars

What do you keep in your shed? Are there bikes, power tools and lawn mowers? Maybe you have garden furniture, a spare hot tub pump or sports equipment in there? These are all things that are attractive to burglars. If you are looking for ways to go about securing your shed from burglars so your belongings are protected? Well help is at hand. In this blog post we share some top tips to help you with securing your shed from burglars.

Research shows that garden sheds are extremely common targets for burglars. In fact, one report found that at least 22,5000 shed burglaries take place in the UK every year. On average, that is over 600 shed burglaries a night. This is why securing your shed from burglars is so important.

Below you will see some ideas and ways that you can go about securing your shed from burglars. If you need any additional help with your shed or home security, call our home security team.

  • Sturdy Shed

Make sure you shed is solid and sturdy. If it has any rotting wood or loose panels, make sure these are repaired of replaced. Any areas where replacements or repairs are made, make sure that part of the shed is reinforced. If you have a strong and sturdy plastic shed, keep an eye for cracks or damage. If your shed is metal, keep an eye out for damage or rust. By keeping a close eye on your shed and maintaining it regularly you can rest assured the shed is solid and sturdy.

  • Lock It

If you have an old shed, you should definitely look into updating the lock. Even if you have a newer shed, you may want to consider upgrading the lock. A combi-lock is highly recommended for good shed security. Alternatively, or in addition, you can use latches and heavy-duty padlocks. It’s important to ensure that you keep your shed keys somewhere safe and have spares around too.

  • Cover Windows

If your shed has windows we would recommend obscuring or frosting them. Windows in sheds are great if you don’t have lights in your shed. However, they can also be the perfect way for potential burglars to see what is in your shed and if it worth breaking into. Further to this, windows can often be a weak spot for your shed. If you would like to further protect the windows on your shed, you can add a security or shutter to the windows. This will make them harder to break.

  • Security Lights

A motion-sensor security light can be a really good deterrent for burglars that like to work under the cover of darkness. The security light will illuminate the garden as they enter it. This spotlight will make the burglars be seen. Inside the home you will also see the security light on and will be able to see if there is a burglar in your garden.

  • Shed Alarm

A shed alarm is a really good way of securing your shed from burglars. Similarly, to an intruder alarm, it will make a sound when the shed is entered illegally. As the shed alarm owner, you can set the code to turn the alarm off. However, when a burglar enters the shed the code will not be entered and the alarm will siren.

Need help securing your home or shed? Call our home security team now.