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Should I Have Standalone Access Control In My Business?

By April 7, 2023No Comments

Should I Have Standalone Access Control In My Business?

Access control is a great way of protecting your business and those within it. With the good use of access control systems, you can easily improve the security of your business and manage the flow of the people within it. A fully integrated access control system will always provide the highest level of protection for your business. However, a standalone access control systems in your business is the simplest way to control access and secure your business.

If you don’t have an access control system in your business, but you need to improve the security and protect those in the building, a standalone access control system could be ideal for you.

A standalone access control system is often used in smaller offices or remote locations. This helps avoid the need of complex wiring which can sometimes be expensive. With standalone access control systems in your business, a small unit is wired onto the individual door where you want or need access control. It is important to remember that not every door needs access control. There is also no need for all doors to be connected to the PC network either.

Members of your team that have access to the business can be added to the system. Keys, cards, biometric details or codes can then be given to them. This will ensure quick, easy and effective access to those that need it. Those people that want to gain entrance to the building but are not approved will have to request that access to be able to enter.

A standalone access control system, also known as offline access control, will often be used for smaller projects. It is an access control system that can be implemented quickly and easily, while being relatively cost effective. The only things required are a power supply, a card reader or keypad and a proximity tag or card.

The standalone access control system is then attached the individual doors as required. Those with the tag or card can then open the door. The downside of standalone door access controls is that it cannot be controlled centrally, and individual doors cannot be managed. However, with online access control these access authorisations can be changed via an app on a smartphone or computer.

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