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Fire Safety

Small Business Fire Safety Considerations

By October 13, 2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Small Business Fire Safety Considerations

Just because you run a small business, doesn’t mean that you are any less at risk of a fire than a larger business. The risk of fire is based on the nature of your workplace and the products in the business. It is not just the size of the business. A fire can destroy a workplace in minutes. It has the potential to kill people too. This is why we have put together some small business fire safety considerations for you, as a small business owner.


When Was Your Last Fire Risk Assessment?

When was the last time a fire safety assessment was completed on your business? If your small business has 5 or more employees, then this need to be a written record of the assessment. Think about the changes made to the business since the fire risk assessment was completed. Are their people within your business that have been trained on correct fire procedures? Make sure that your last fire risk assessment was completed recently, and it is in-date.

When Was Fire Equipment Last Serviced?

It’s all well and good having fire safety equipment in your small business, but when was it last serviced? Checking that your fire equipment is maintained and in good working order is a very important small business fire safety consideration. Visual inspections must be completed regularly and can be done by a member of your team. Fire alarms and fire extinguishers need to be checked regularly by a professional and qualified fire safety expert.

Who Knows How To Use The Fire Extinguishers?

As per the last point, it’s all well and good having the fire extinguishers in place, but what if nobody knows how to use them? If there was to be a fire in the workplace how many people in your team would know how to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out? It is essential that members of your team are trained how to use fire extinguishers, so they are prepared in case of an emergency.


These are just three of the small business fire safety considerations that you should be aware of. However, the most important thing to remember is that fire safety doesn’t only apply to larger companies. It isn’t just the responsibility of the building owner of the property that you are renting either. As an employer, you are responsible for complying with all fire safety obligations.

If you’d like to know more about the small business fire safety considerations you should be aware of, call our friendly fire safety experts. They’ll be only too happy to help keep your business safe and secure.