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Spring Clean Your Business Security

By March 27, 2019April 3rd, 2019No Comments

Spring Clean Your Business Security

Generally speaking, the months when the weather gets warmer, the Easter eggs appear in the shops and daffodils are springing up, is the time that we spring clean our homes and businesses.

What about your business security? Shouldn’t we give that a spring clean too?

Businesses are always changing. Old staff members leave the business and new staff members join the business. Things in the office are moved and even business operations change during the year too. Yet, often the business security is not considered when these changes are made. But they really should be!

As new employees join the company a new desk with computer may be purchased for them. This could be placed right by the window so they can enjoy natural light. However, it is on full show to anyone passing.

Perhaps an employee that has left still has the code to get into the business? Or they may have got some keys cut before they handed the keys back to you?

Maybe an extension to your business premises has meant that you can have more employees or stock. How well is that area protected? Did you consider new intruder alarms or CCTV cameras for this extension?

If your business operations have changed and employees are coming into the office earlier or leaving later, is there still someone in the business to do a check round the premises before locking up?

Have sales improved so you have more stock held at your business premises? Where is this stored? Is it being stored outside for the world to see while you make room inside? How secure is this stock outside?

While it’s great that you had all new alarm systems and CCTV cameras installed 5 years ago, when were they last checked? Good quality business security systems are designed to last, but like all electrics – they need to be regularly checked and maintained.

If you have had lots of changes over the last year and you’re not sure about the security of your business premises then call our team. We can talk about any changes, look at your business premises and help you with your business security.