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The Common Factors Of Fires In Nightclubs, Bars And Pubs

The Common Factors Of Fires In Nightclubs, Bars And Pubs

Between 2016 and 2017, London Fire Brigade attended 533 fires in licensed premises across London. During this time, they noticed three common factors of fires in nightclubs, bars and pubs. The common factors of fires in nightclubs and fire alarms in bars and pubs were as follows:

  • Electrical Equipment. Fires frequently occurred when electrical kit, which includes lighting, were positioned too close to flammable materials in the licenced premise.
  • Electrical Faults. Often there are portable items bought to nightclubs, bars and pubs. Sometimes, these have not been properly tested or maintained. These portable electric items can also be in poor condition. This makes them more dangerous.
  • Smoking. There are commonly designated places where people are allowed to smoke. However, one of the common factors of fires in nightclubs was when smoking materials are carelessly disposed of or not put out correctly.

Unlike fire alarms for other businesses, there are certain requirements that are required in nightclubs, pubs and bars. As experienced fire alarm installers we have the experience to understand the additional requirements needed by this industry.

For example, a DJ Cut-Off. There is often a DJ playing loud music in licensed premises. If the music is playing loudly then it can be hard to hear the fire alarm. We can create a fire alarm system that turns off the music equipment in the event of the fire alarm being activated.

Many nightclubs will also have smoke machines. This smoke could cause false alarms to be triggered by the smoke detectors in the building and near the smoke. One option to resolve this is with a combined smoke and heat detector. This works as part of your fire alarm system.

We can also create an ‘early staff warning’. Again, this will be part of your fire alarm system for a nightclub, bar or pub. This means that in the event of a fire evacuation the fire alarm system will only be set off in certain areas. Shut offs can take place before the full alarm occurs. This results in a safer fire evacuation for everyone.

If you run a nightclub, bar or pub and need a professional and effective fire alarm for your licensed premises, call our team now.