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The Different Types Of Business Burglaries

By January 15, 2020February 3rd, 2020No Comments

The Different Types Of Business Burglaries

In 2017 a Commercial Victimisation Survey showed that burglary affected more than 1 in 10 retail and wholesale businesses. Meanwhile theft affects 27% of all business premises. If you run a business you need to protect your premises from burglary and theft. In this blog post we have put together the three most popular types of business burglaries so you know what to protect your business from.

Opportunistic Burglary

This is where a burglar comes across an opportunity that feels too good to miss. For example this could be an open door with no alarm, a window left open or a broken alarm outside a business premises.

If a potential opportunistic burglar sees that there are intruder alarms of CCTV surveillance cameras then they will feel this opportunity is not such a great idea and they could get caught.

Smash & Grab Burglary

Smash and grab business burglaries involve violent entry into a business. A burglar committing this type of crime will often be well prepared. It is likely they will have a variety of power tools and heavy tools to break entry points, chains and gates. Sometimes a smash and grab burglary can mean a ram raid using a car or other motor vehicle.

To protect your business from crimes of this sort extra security such as bars and chains would be recommended. CCTV security cameras are a good idea for the evidence needed for the police. Monitored security cameras are a good idea as this can help you catch thieves in the act.

Sophisticated Burglary

A sophisticated burglary will take lots of planning. The potential thieves will be watching your business. They will have seen the times you leave and arrive, the business security systems you have in place and where your CCTV cameras cover. One trick sophisticated burglars use is to cause lots of nuisance alarms. Like the boy that called wolf, as more happen the police will be less likely to attend and a burglary can take place easily.

A monitored surveillance systems and alarm is good protection against this type of business burglary. Speak to professional business security experts to help choose the best business security to protect your business.