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Fire Safety

The Importance Of Fire Alarms In Care Homes

By June 30, 2021No Comments

The Importance Of Fire Alarms In Care Homes

Fire alarms in care homes are essential. However, there is slightly more to consider for care homes and fire safety than some other premises. For example, the residents in care homes may find it difficult to see or hear a fire alarm. They may also struggle to activate a fire alarm if they saw a fire.

This means that the needs and requirements of those in a care home must influence the type of fire alarm system that is installed.

There are four main things to be considered when it comes to the importance of fire alarms in care homes and these are as follows.

  • Each floor and exit must have a manual call point installed nearby. It is essential that all staff and residents recognise the sight and sound of a fire alarm. We recommend that all staff must know how to activate a fire alarm. If possible, residents should be shown how to activate the fire or smoke alarm too.
  • You will need to consider different alarms for some residents too. For example, if you have residents that are heard of hearing or deaf then visual alarms or personal pagers would be more suitable. You may prefer silent alarms that only staff members are aware of. This makes it easier for staff to complete a calm evacuation with ease.
  • If loud alarms have the potential to panic residents then they must be 45dBA throughout the care home. Alternatively, they need to be 75dBA throughout the building so everyone can hear the fire alarm or smoke alarm sounding.
  • It is essential that fire alarm call points are easily accessible. This means that they need to be installed at a reasonable height of around 1.4metres. Fire alarm call points should also be no more than 45 metres apart.

Our fire alarm specialists will be able to offer a variety of different fire alarms and recommend the best fire alarm for your care home needs. Our fire safety professionals are always on hand to help ensure your care home, your staff and your residents are kept safe.