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Fire Safety

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

By April 29, 2020No Comments

Fire extinguishers are essential in every business premises. They are an active protection device used to extinguish or control small fires. A good, working fire extinguisher is crucial for controlling the flames before they get too out of hand. However, if a fire occurs in your business – do you know that your fire extinguisher works? This is where the importance of fire extinguisher maintenance comes in.

Booking in for a regular fire extinguisher maintenance check is essential for ensuring their effectiveness in case of a fire emergency in your business. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we complete fire extinguisher maintenance checks for businesses of all sizes across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

It is recommended that you have a basic fire extinguisher service at least once a year. This ensures that you meet and comply with British Standards. During a fire extinguisher maintenance service we will check the following;

  • Our fire extinguisher maintenance experts will visually check all fire extinguishers for any signs of damage, wear or tear.
  • We will check none of your fire extinguishers have been used and if they have we will replace them accordingly.
  • Your fire extinguishers will be checked to ensure that the operating instructions on each unit are still clear and easy to read.
  • We will remove the discharge hose and check for any corrosion or blockages within the hose.
  • The fire extinguishers will be weighed and the weight of them will be recorded on the service label attached to the unit.
  • We will check that the wall mountings for the fire extinguishers are secure and in good condition before replacing the checked and approved fire extinguisher back on the wall.

It is important to note that every 5 years your foam, water, powder and wet chemical extinguishers will require a more detailed examination. This 5 yearly check will include a test discharge of the extinguisher because recharging the fire extinguisher.

When was a fire extinguisher maintenance service last completed at your business?