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The Lifetime Of A Fire Alarm System

By February 5, 2020No Comments

The Lifetime Of A Fire Alarm System

There are lots of different parts that make up a fire alarm system and fire detection system. This is why maintenance checks are so important. With so many components it can be hard to tell the lifetime of a fire alarm system if there are no maintenance checks.

On average the components that make up the fire detection and alarm system will last 10 years before they need replacing. However, this is dependent on how professionally the systems were installed, how well they have been looked after and how often they are maintained.

In larger businesses there will be hundreds of devices and a central monitoring unit, also known as a control panel. With so many components maintenance is essential and the lifetime of a fire alarm system like this can be hard to predict.

Could Your Fire Alarm Be Obsolete?

Overtime the communications systems between devices and the main fire alarm panel can become obsolete. There will often be computer software within fire alarm systems and, as with all computer software; this can become out of date and obsolete.  While this doesn’t mean that your fire alarm system is no longer fit for purpose, it will need serious maintenance to ensure the safety of your business and those within the business premises.

The lifetime of a fire alarm system does change from system to system. However, the increasing costs of maintenance and repairs can be extremely costly and it can be more affordable to install a better quality, newer and more reliable fire alarm system. As devices age, the reliability of your fire alarm systems will decrease.

You may decide that it is actually more cost effective to install or upgrade to a new fire alarm system instead of paying to repair an old system that is becoming obsolete. Technology is changing and evolving. This means that new and better fire alarms are being designed all the time. Fire alarm systems that were created in the last 5 years and extremely more advanced than older devices.

If you are concerned about the lifetime of your fire alarm system, call our team. We will complete a fire alarm maintenance check and let you know if it is better to fix and repair an existing system, or upgrade your fire alarm system.