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The Most Common Items Stolen From Businesses

The Most Common Items Stolen From Businesses

We recently came across some research by SEAREACH that looked at the most common items stolen from businesses during break-ins. We thought we would share this research with you as it makes for an interesting read.

  • The most common items stolen from businesses are mobile phones with are stolen 36% of the time. On average this is a cost of £550 to the business to have them replaced.
  • At 23% and in second place, memory sticks are the second most commonly stolen items from businesses. A memory stick costs around £8.50 for the business to replace.
  • Tablets are the third most likely item to be stolen from a business, with business thefts of tablets being stolen happening 19% of the time. However the cost for a replacement tablet will be around £429, per tablet.
  • Laptops are also common items stolen from businesses. They are stolen in 14% of all business break ins. Dependent on the model a new laptop will cost an average of £249.
  • Power packs and chargers are also common items stolen from businesses. These are stolen in 8% of all business break-ins; however the cost around £15 to replace.

As any business that has been broken into knows; it’s not just about the cost. While financially it will be a cost to replace these items, there will be other cost involved too.

For example, data that is only stored on mobile devices and laptops will be gone. The time taken to replace this data can be extreme, and cause much stress to your workforce. This also results in a loss of productivity while your staff members are awaiting replacements or trying to recreate the previous data.

You will have to spend time filing an insurance claim with your insurance claim. They may then choose to complete an investigation on your business and security. There will be cyber security risks and security and data breaches. You may need to create new passwords company wide. However you could also receive a fine for loss of confidential data.

All of these things will result in a damaged reputation and could lead to a loss of clients.

If you would like to avoid these security risks to your business then please contact us now. We offer business security solutions unique to your business needs.