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The Pros And Cons Of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

By September 2, 2020No Comments

Here at Jensen Security we offer CCTV surveillance cameras to businesses and homes across Cambridgeshire. We install and supply CCTV cameras to help protect our customers and secure their home and business properties. However, we are always honest about the security products we supply and how they can help our customers.

In this blog post we look at the pros of CCTV surveillance cameras and the cons of CCTV surveillance cameras. This will help you make sure you chose the right security solutions for your home or business.

The Pros of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

There are three main positives of CCTV surveillance cameras. Firstly, CCTV cameras are proven to reduce crimes on a property, and surrounding properties, by 51%. Having surveillance cameras installed on your property will also result in cheaper and more cost-effective home or business insurance. Whether you install the CCTV cameras on your home or your business, those within the properties will feel safer knowing that they are protected by the surveillance cameras.

The Cons of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

As with all things in life, there are cons to CCTV surveillance cameras as well as positives. One downside of CCTV surveillance cameras is that they will not actually stop a crime being committed. However, they will deter the criminal from committing the crime. They will also record the crime which can be used as evidence to catch the criminal and for your insurance company.

Installing CCTV surveillance cameras can be expensive. That said, if you speak to the right security experts, like our team, they will ensure you get the best security solutions for your needs and budget. Finally, if installed incorrectly, your CCTV footage can infringe privacy rights. Again, using a professional CCTV surveillance camera installation company, like us, will make sure that no privacy rights are infringed.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras Overview

If you think that the pros far outweigh the cons of CCTV surveillance cameras, call us now. We can talk through the best CCTV security solution for you, your property and your budget. Our CCTV security team are here to help protect and secure your home and business. Let us help you.