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Fire Safety

What Type Of Fire Alarm Do I Need For My Business?

By August 26, 2020No Comments

Have you found yourself wondering what type of fire alarm you need for your business?

Every business and their fire safety needs are different. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can help you choose the best fire alarms for your business needs. There are three main types of fire alarms for businesses. These include conventional fire alarms, addressable fire alarms and wireless fire alarms. In this blog post we look at these three main fire alarms in more detail to help you decide the type of fire alarm you need for your business.

The Conventional Fire Alarms

If your business is located in a smaller premise and it’s a lower risk environment, then a conventional fire alarm will work for your business. If a fire is detected in your business the alarm panel will display the activated heat or smoke detector or manual call point with an alighted LED. The panel will show very basic information as to where the alarm has been triggered.

The appointed fire and safety manager will then go to that are to find the potential fire. This adds an element of ‘seek and search’ which carried a much lower risk in a smaller building. This is the main reason that conventional fire alarms are not suitable for larger business premises.

The Addressable Fire Alarms

When you have an addressable fire alarm installed in your business premises and a fire was to take place, the alarm would tell you exactly where the alert has come from. This could be an alert for either heat or smoke, meaning a potential fire. Each sensor device within your addressable alarm has its own electronic address. This way you will be alerted to the exact location of the potential fire.

Addressable fire alarms are a more intelligent fire alarm system for businesses. They are ideal for larger premises or higher risk environments. We would recommend addressable fire alarm systems in hospitals, schools and care homes as some examples.

The Wireless Fire Alarms

A wireless fire alarm is really similar to the addressable fire alarm systems in the way that they work. The main difference, as the name hints, is that they are wireless alarms. There is a secure connection between the fire alarm panel and individual sensors – but no wires are involved.

As per the addressable fire alarms, our wireless fire alarm systems work well in care homes, hospitals and schools. However, they are better suited to historic and listed buildings where cabling is not appropriate or ideal for the building. Wireless fire alarm systems are popular in places of worship too.

If you’re not sure what type of fire alarm system you need for your business? Call our fire safety team now.