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The Purposes Of A Fire Alarm System

The Purposes Of A Fire Alarm System

We have all been told that we need a fire alarm system in our business. However, how many people actually know why or the purpose of a fire alarm system? Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we like our clients to understand why we are installing the systems we are. We want our clients to know what they are and how they will help their home or business too.

In this blog post we look at the purposes of a fire alarm system. This way you will know what the system is doing to protect your business.

So, generally speaking, there are four basis purposes of a fire alarm system. These work to protect your home or business and those within it.

  1. Detection

The first purpose of a fire alarm system is to detect the signs of a fire. These signs could be heat or smoke for example. The fire alarm system will detect the harmful signs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you are on holiday, out for the evening or sleeping at night, your fire alarm system will be working and detecting potential fires for you. Many fire alarm systems will also have a manual pull or button to activate is a fire is seen before it is detected by the system.

  1. Alert Occupants

Once a fire has been detected, the fire alarm system with activate chosen features. This could be light or sound blasts to make those within the building aware of the danger. Generally speaking, these alarms will be audible, visual or both. The sound alarms go out at very high volumes and the lights are very bright. This means that the alert is hard to miss, and everyone can be alerted of the fire.

  1. Risk Management

Another of the purposes of a fire alarm system is to manage risk. Once a fire has been detected and the alerts are put out, some fire alarm systems will manage risk or the spread of fire too. This can be done in various ways. For example, it could be the activation of suppression systems, shutting off ventilation or closing automatic doors.

  1. Alert Authorities

A fourth purpose that fire alarm systems can also offer is that they can contact authorities if a fire has been detected. This means that those within the building can focus on getting out of the building safely. Meanwhile, the fire alarm system will alert the appropriate personnel. This will save valuable time by allowing the emergency services to be on route while occupants are still leaving the building.


These are the four main and basic purposes of a fire alarm system. Want to know more? Contact our fire safety team.