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The Security Of Door Entry Systems For Your Business

The Security Of Door Entry Systems For Your Business

If you are looking to significantly increase the security of your business then a door entry system into your business premises could be perfect for you. In this blog post we talk about door entry systems and keyless entrances. Also the benefits of a door entry system for your business.

What is A Keyless Entry?

As the name states, a keyless entry, mean no key is required. This means that every gate around your business premises or door of your office building will not need a key to open in. Instead you will have one of the following most common door entry systems for your business;

  1. A swipe card. Individuals will swipe the card against the entry system to gain access to the business.
  2. A proximity card. This will enable a door or gate to be unlocked when the proximity card is near it.
  3. An electric fob. This is smaller than a key and will be tapped against the door entry system for the door or gate to open.
  4. A pin code. This can be different pin codes for each employee, one pin code per department or one set pin code for everyone.

There are many other methods for door entry systems for your business. However the ones we have listed above are the most common door entry system methods. These options also prevent copies being made, which can be easily done when a traditional key is cut.

Benefits of a Keyless Entry.

A keyless entry is really good for the security of a business. This is because if one of the above is lost, stolen or misplaced it can be deactivated. This means that the access method will no longer work, Meaning if it fell into the wrong hands, it could not be used.

This can save businesses a lot of money too. This is because the locks throughout the business do not need to be replaced and new keys cut for everyone. Instead a new card, fob or pin needs to be created for the employee and things can carry on as before.

Another benefit of door entry systems for your business is that you can pre-program access rights. This means that employees can only go into the rooms that you choose. They will not have access to all rooms if you decide they do not need to.

How Can Jensen Security Help With Door Entry Systems For Your Business?

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety, we have many years experience of access control services. We can help you heighten and improve the security of your business premises. If you would like to discuss the best door entry systems for your business then please contact us directly.