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The Top Five Basic Small Business Security Measures

By July 22, 2020No Comments

The Top Five Basic Small Business Security Measures

All businesses of all shapes and sizes need to ensure they secure their business. This not only protects the business from potential criminals, but it provides employees with a safe place to work too. The level of security you need for your business will depend on the size of your business. However, no matter how big or small your business may be, there are some important security measures all small businesses need to consider.

Listed below we have shared the top five basic small business security measures you need to consider for your small business.

  1. Risk Assessment

This is something that a security specialist, like our team, can complete on your behalf or you can do yourself. It is an assessment that looks at the different areas of your business that could be at risk of criminals or intruders. Much of the risk assessment will be based on your location and business type, as well as your business size. For example, for a high street jeweller we may recommend shutters for the window. However, businesses in a more remote area may find CCTV really useful, along with intruder alarms.

  1. Safety Trained Staff

It is a really good idea to provide employees with safety training. If a criminal was to force entry to the building or attempt a crime while an employee was there, they need to know what to do. You may chose to offer regular safety training and drills to ensure your employees know what to do. Some businesses opt for a two-way radio device that is useful for communication if there were issues like this. Make sure employees know what to do, how to call and how to protect themselves if a criminal was to enter the business when they were present.

  1. Secure Goods

If your business hold high value goods or money on site then it is vital these are secured. If you are a small business, having just one item of high value stock stolen from your business can be really detrimental to the business. A good quality safe that is bolted to the floor is highly recommended if you have large amounts of cash on site. You may want to consider heavy-duty locks or bolts on all entrance or exit doors too.

  1. Install Lighting

Lighting is relatively low cost yet effective way of securing your business. By using motion sensitive lighting around the business and specifically points of entry you will be deterring criminals. Criminals like to work under the cover of darkness. With motion-sensor lighting you will illuminate them if they attempt to break in. Adding CCTV surveillance to the security lighting will further deter criminals and increase your security.

  1. Fit An Alarm

It is more vital than ever to ensure your business and employees are safe. Crime figures are on the rise, as you can see in our previous blog posts. An intruder alarm and door access systems are highly recommended.  This will allow you to control who has access into your business premises and an alarm will sound if an intruder was to enter your building. If you already have an alarm fitted it is a good idea to get it checked and tested regularly.