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Types Of Emergency Lighting For Industrial Businesses

By April 10, 2023No Comments

Types Of Emergency Lighting For Industrial Businesses

Emergency lighting in industrial premises is essential. It is lighting that comes on automatically when the mains power fails. The emergency lighting in your premises will run from a separate power source or battery to ensure it still works if the mains power goes down.

There are lots of different forms of emergency lighting that you may require in your industrial building. They all perform different functions. Dependent on the layout and emergency lighting needs of your industrial premises. Our emergency lighting specialists will assess the premises and recommend the right emergency lighting for your needs.

For example, emergency escape lighting. This is the lighting that will help people get out of the industrial building if there was an emergency or the mains power cut out. There is also escape route lighting. This is the emergency lighting that will point to exits and means of escape for people within the building.

Your industrial building may also need high risk task area emergency lighting. This is emergency lighting in areas of the building where potentially dangerous processes may be performed or dangerous situations may be more likely. The emergency lighting in these areas will enable proper and safe shut-down procedures.

You may also require open area or anti-panic emergency lighting. As the name suggests, this emergency lighting is installed in areas such as lifts and stairways to help minimise panic for those trying to leave the industrial building. You may also choose to have emergency standby lighting. This is not a legal requirement for industrial premises. However, it does allow for normal activities to run practically unchanged from the normal lighting.

There are two main modes of emergency lighting. These are maintained emergency lighting and non-maintained emergency lighting. Maintained emergency lighting is lighting that is always on. A great example of this is the low lighting in a cinema or theatre for example. Non-maintained emergency lighting is lighting that only kicks in when the mains power within the building fails.

It is essential that emergency lighting should be able to last for at least 3 hours. This is especially the case where people may not be able to evacuate immediately, or it could take them time. The minimum requirement, by law, is just one hour. This is for industrial premises where a building is not reoccupied, and evacuation can be immediate.

Here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems, our industrial emergency lighting specialists can offer a full design and installation service for all types of industrial facilities. Our emergency lighting installations are compliant with British Standards BS 5266-1: 2011. This means that you are in safe, knowledgeable and professional hands when you call the emergency lighting team here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems for your industrial emergency lighting needs.