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Access Control

What Are The Benefits Of An Access Control System?

By January 13, 2021No Comments

What Are The Benefits Of An Access Control System?

We recently shared a blog post that spoke about what access control means. This previous blog post also explained why your business needs an access control system. In this blog post we would like to share just some of the many benefits of an access control system with you.

Take a look at the benefits below to see how an access control system would benefit your business.


An access control system offers protection for you, your business and your employees. You are preventing unauthorised access to your site. This then helps protect your premises, your people and your assets from accidental damage or potential theft.

Restrict Access

While restricting access to parts of your business, you are also creating a safety measure. You are preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or piece of equipment. This is especially the case if the individual shouldn’t be in that area of the business in the first place.

Highly Flexible

A huge benefit of an access control system is that they are highly flexible. You have the ability to programme them to only permit individuals access to particular doors. You can choose who enters which areas of the business and even when they are allowed to access those areas.

Control Access

You will have electronic access control. This is a single-entry device that grants access to every door that a person is authorised to access. The access control system will reduce the risk of keys being lost or forgotten. It will also stop employees being weighed down by large sets of keys too.

No Physical Key

Not only does the lack of keys reduce the risk of lost keys, it helps with access and removal of access too. You have full control over your access control. This means you can quickly and easily revoke access for a device if an employee was to leave the business or raised security concerns. You don’t need to change all the locks in the business, which can become expensive. Instead, it’s the click of a few buttons and your business is safe and secure again.

History Recording

An additional benefit of an access control system, which is often forgotten, is the recording of history. If there has been vandalism, theft or accidental damage in an area of your business, the access control system can confirm who was there and when. This can become an invaluable part of your business security.

If you need to know more about access control for your business; call our business security team now.