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What Are The Right Security Solutions For My Business Needs?

By February 13, 2019February 20th, 2019No Comments

What Are The Right Security Solutions For My Business Needs?

As a business owner of a business that has recently been broken into, it can be a worrying and even scary time for you and your employees. While it may be tempting to put CCTV cameras and alarms systems in every inch of the business premises, inside and out, there are other options.

In this blog post we talk about the security measures that you can implement into your business premises. We also discuss the right security solutions for your business needs.

How Big Are Your Premises?

The size of your business premises is a very important factor to consider when implementing security measures and solutions. If you have a small business premises with one entrance point then you may just need a few CCTV cameras that cover the entrance and the car park. You could also add an alarm system  for an extra level of security and safety.

However, if you have a larger business premises then you need to think about how many access points there are for possible intruders. You need to consider the doors and windows throughout your building. Think about car park areas too.

What Industry Are You In?

Dependent on what services you offer as a business, or the products you sell, will affect how likely it is that you will be targeted. For example if you sell apple products then it is more likely your business will be targeted than a business that sells cardboard boxes.

Government statistics showed that theft and fraud were the most common crimes committed on the manufacturing industry. Meanwhile crimes of assault and threat were most common for the arts, entertainment and recreating businesses. Speak to our knowledgeable security specialists who will help you understand how crime affects your industry and the best ways to protect your business.

What Are You Protecting?

To implement the best security solutions for your business needs, you need think about who or what you want the security solutions to be protecting. For example, if you are protecting valuable stock items and IT equipment then a clearly seen alarm and CCTV camera could be enough to deter the thieves. However, if you are protecting vulnerable people in a care home for example, then different security solutions will be required.


Call us now to discuss the security solutions required to match your business needs.