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Where Should I Have CCTV Cameras Outside My Business?

By February 6, 2019February 20th, 2019No Comments

Where Should I Have CCTV Cameras Outside My Business?

If you are considering CCTV cameras to protect your business then you may want to consider not just the make and model of the CCTV cameras. You may also want to consider where you will have them. Many of our clients opt for CCTV cameras within the business, but outside the office too.

But where should you have CCTV cameras outside your business?

Exit & Entry Points

By having CCTV cameras at the entry and exit points of your business you are able to keep a close eye on everyone that enters and leaves your business. This will help you manage any unauthorised entries into the business. By positioning your high quality CCTV cameras in the right places, you will clearly be able to see the faces of those who enter and leave your business premises.

Car Parks

Car parks owned by your company are often a hot spot for theft and vandalism. It is highly recommended that you consider installing CCTV cameras that look over your car park to be aware of theft and vandalism to cars in your car park. It is also recommended that you consider additional security measures such as car park lighting. This will improve the safety for staff and visitors that are using your car park during darker hours.

Storage Areas

If you have outdoor storage areas then these can be a real target for thieves. Even more so in areas such as industrial parks or business parks where there is not a lot of footfall at certain days of the week or times of the night. Perhaps you only visit the outdoor storage now and again. Previously you would arrive and find a theft had taken place but didn’t know when. Your CCTV camera can alert you if a theft is taking place, and give you the exact day and time when the theft took place.

Loading Bays

Loading and unloading bays can often be a popular target for robberies. This is even more so for retail businesses such as shops and stores. Installing CCTV cameras that have a clear view over the loading and unloading bays is a great way of reducing the risk of robberies. It also  helps you with getting a clear view of the thieves to hand to the police.


If you are considering CCTV cameras to protect your business, staff and business premises then why not give us a call. We can visit you at your business and recommend the best places for CCTV cameras that will protect your business and work as a deterrent for thieves.