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What Happens To Your Security Alarm During A Power Cut?

By September 29, 2022October 14th, 2022No Comments

What Happens To Your Security During A Power Cut?

Whether there is a storm, an issue at the power station or maintenance work is taking place – a power cut can be frustrating. The lights go off and your wi-fi goes down. You can’t watch TV, use the kettle or do much else. But what happens to your security during a power cut? That’s what we look at in this blog post. If you have experienced a power cut or often do, you may be wondering what happens to your security alarm during a power cut. Will the security systems will work during the power cut? What will happen to them after the power cut?

Does The Security Alarm System Work During A Power Cut?

Most common alarm systems will feature a built-in backup battery. This is designed to ensure that your security system will continue running during a power cut. If this is the case for your security alarm systems, you will not need to do anything. The security alarm will automatically take power from the backup battery if another power source is not available.

Why Is My Security Alarm Sounding During A Power Cut?

There are many reasons that your alarm may sound during a power cut. The most common reason will be that the alarm is faulty, or the backup battery is not charged. If this is the case, the siren could activate and sound during the power cut. Dependent on your alarm, you may need to replace the battery yourself or arrange for the security alarm installer to visit your property. The first thing you should do is check the manufacturers manual.

Most security alarms will have the ability to charge their own backup batteries when the mains power is restored. However, if you do notice an issue with this you may need to call in our security alarm experts. We can complete a test for you and resolve any potential faults.

How Do I Reset My Security Alarm After A Power Cut?

There should be no need to reset your security alarms after a power cut. Instead, you should be able to dismiss any alerts and ensure that the backup battery is in good working order. Your security alarm should then continue as normal.

However, if you do notice any issues with your alarm during or after the power cut, call in the security alarm experts. They will be able to check for any faults and resolve any issues that you may be having with your security alarms. For example, older alarms may need to be turned off completely and then the backup battery will need to be removed.