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What Is A Business Security Risk Assessment?

By August 5, 2020No Comments

What Is A Business Security Risk Assessment?

Reports show that one in ten businesses are burgled every year. Further to this it is reported that 50% of all businesses will see some kind of property crime within their lifetime. Your business premises are the home of your business and the lifeline to your success. A break-in can seriously damage your business, productivity, profit and employee confidence.

It is essential that your employees feel safe working for your business. However, with crime on the rise and so many threats out there; how can you ensure your business and employees are safe?

A business security risk assessment is a great way of understanding the security risks in your business. It will help you see where the risks are and how you can reduce the risk to protect your business and employees.

What Is A Business Security Risk Assessment?

Every business and business premises is different. Your business will have different entry points to other businesses and this means there will be different security risks. The industry you are in will also change the security risks you have, when compared to another business. A business security risk assessment will look at your unique business, the security risks posed and how these can be reduced and removed.

What Is Included In A Business Security Risk Assessment?

  • You will need to look at the crime rates in your local area and the most common types of crime in your geographical area and business industry.
  • Your access points will need to be looked along with any current security measures that you have in place.
  • The risk assessment will look at who has access to your business premises, how much access they have and how this is logged.
  • Included in the risk assessment will be an overview of the valuables stored in the business premises. This will include high-value items and cask.
  • Any clear weaknesses will be looked for, assessed and then recommendations for how they can be assessed.

These are just some of the areas of the business that need to be covered in your business security risk assessment. Our business security specialists can complete this assessment for you and then make recommendations of the security improvements that are required.

Want an assessment of your business for security risks? Call our team now and we will visit your business at a time that suits you.