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What Is A Shop Security System?

By May 6, 2020May 12th, 2020No Comments

A shop security system, or retail security system as it is sometimes known, is a way of protecting your goods, your employees and your shop. Effective shop security systems can be used to catch intruders and thieves. However, a good retail security system that is visible will also deter the potential thieves from entering your shop and stealing in the first place.

Dependent on the size of your business, your security system can be created and installed to suit your needs. The security system for your shop can be scaled up or down to suit the size of the shop, the popularity, the location and the lay out. For example, if your shop has one entrance and exit and one till area less security will be required than a larger retail outlet with multiple till areas, offices, entrances and exits.

According to a report by the ACS, also known as the Association of Convenience Stores, there were more than a million serious incidents of theft to convenience stores during 2019. This can add up to huge losses for your business. While a shop security system may seem expensive, think of the stock and money it will save – not forgetting the protection it will offer your employees and your business.

By speaking to our shop security experts we can recommend the best security solutions to meet the needs of your shop. This can include alarms and CCTV cameras for example. We can also offer a monitored security service that means we will survey your alarms and cameras and then alert you or the relevant authorities, the emergency services for example, if a break-in was to occur. Alternatively, we can show you how to monitor your own CCTV cameras if you would prefer.

Many retail businesses are faced with shop lifters and while it may only be a few products here and there, these all add up. Security cameras offer you and your employees a way of monitoring the shop. However, as we stated earlier, they also work as a good deterrent for potential shop lifters.

If you own a shop or retail business, we would highly recommend that you consider a good quality shop security system that will effectively protect your business. Contact our retail security experts now to find out more.