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What Is Fire Alarm Testing?

By April 21, 2021No Comments

What Is Fire Alarm Testing?

Fire alarm testing and fire alarm inspections are very similar. You can complete a weekly fire alarm test at your building, but a professional fire alarm test and inspection is required by law. It also must be carried out by a professional fire alarm installer, like the team here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety.

The fire alarm testing includes checking on and testing all devices that make up the fire alarm system. This will include all initiating devices such as smoke detectors, duct detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors and more.

The fire alarm system inspection will also check and test all notification devices. This includes horn strobes, chime strobes, speaker strobes, mass notification systems and more. Sensitivity devices will be checked and tested too. This will involve checking that the sensitivity of the initiating devices are within the design of the manufacturer. The fire alarm panel will also undergo thorough inspection and testing at this time too.

These regular fire alarm system tests ensure that every component within the fire alarm system is where it should be and in good working condition. This means if a fire was to happen, the fire alarm would not let you down. You would be alerted of the fire as soon as it began.

While many business owners are aware of the annual tests and inspections that they must have for their fire alarm systems, there are others. These are the acceptance test and the sensitivity test. These are fire alarm system tests that must take place after the new fire alarm is installed.

Acceptance Test

An acceptance test will take place straight after a new fire alarm system installed. It ensures that all new system components are working correctly. The test will include every device in the system, whether it is an initiating, notifying or fire panel device. It must be done as soon as the fire alarm system is installed, but before the building is occupied. However, if there are renovations taking place in the building then the fire alarm system must be acceptance tested when the works are complete.

Sensitivity Test

A sensitivity test must be completed on your fire alarm systems within one year of its installation. This test will look at the initiating devices. It will test them to ensure that they activate currently within the ranges and ratings of the manufacturer. Your sensitivity test will be completed aerosol smoke or a heat element to active the initiating device. The readings will be compared and if they are at the set range of the manufacturer your fire alarm system will pass the sensitivity test.


If you need your fire alarm testing or want to book your fire alarm system inspection, call our team now. We can book you in for a time that suits you and your business needs and ensure your fire alarm is in good working order.