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Where Should You Have CCTV Cameras Installed In Your Business?

By April 14, 2021No Comments

Where Should You Have CCTV Cameras Installed In Your Business

Ever wondered where you should have CCTV cameras installed in your business?

Any business that is seeking to protect their business, employees and customers will be considering having CCTV cameras installed. It is an effective security measure. But where should these CCTV cameras be installed within your business? While video surveillance is common in the workplace, there are places in your business where CCTV surveillance cameras cannot be installed.

When thinking about where to install your surveillance cameras to protect the business, think about the security you need. Will you have cameras inside and outside of your business for example. You also want to think about if you want remote access. This means you can view the footage from the business and from home. Will you require night vision? Do you want your cameras to be visible, so they work as a deterrent?

When you have thought about what you want your cameras to secure, then you can think about where they need to be installed. The first thing to bear in mind when choosing where to place your CCTV cameras is where the high traffic areas are. Also where money and valuables are kept. Next, you want to think about places where people enter and exit your business premises.

The most common places for CCTV cameras to be installed in a business are where they have clear view of entrances and exits. CCTV cameras are commonly placed in car parks and walkways around the business too. If you have cash registers or storage rooms, it is common to have CCTV surveillance cameras monitoring these areas as well.

There are so many things to consider when thinking about where in your business security cameras need to be installed. This is why jobs like this should be left to the experts. Here at Jensen Security we have a team of experienced CCTV camera installers. They understand the importance of surveillance camera placement. They will optimise the security of your business and safety of your employees and customers.

Call our security camera team now to arrange for your new business security system.