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What Is The ICO Code Of Practice For CCTV?

By January 25, 2024No Comments

The ICO code of practice has a lot of information in about the use of CCTV surveillance cameras. If you place on using CCTV within your workplace, it is well worth a read. It will help you understand the importance of CCTV in your business, but also how to stay legal and protect your employees and visitors to the business.

In the meantime, we have put together some of the revisions that were added to the ICO code of practice in 2008. These are the ways in which they relate to and comply with the Data Protection Act. Below we share some of the ICO code of practice guidelines that we believe you should be aware of if you are using CCTV within your business.

It is essential that you consider other options before installing CCTV cameras within your business. You will also need to state why you think you need CCTV within your business along with where it needs to be installed and why. These are all things that our CCTV experts can help you with.

You must not film or monitor irrelevant areas within your business through your CCTV surveillance cameras. These ‘irrelevant areas’ include locations within your business such as toilets and staff rooms. These are places where your employees should feel safe and not ‘watched. When installing CCTV cameras, you need remember that a specific reason is required for monitoring that area with CCTV.

As part of the ICO code of practice for CCTV surveillance cameras, you need to assess your CCTV annually. You need to assess the impact that your CCTV cameras have on the privacy of your employees and visitors to the business. Where possible, you need to minimise this negative impact on people.

It is important that you identify whether you will be using your security footage to identify individuals too. Are capturing facial features or other things that could make a person recognisable? This needs to be included within your ICO code of practice.

If you need more help with regards to your ICO Code of Practice for CCTV, check out their website. Need support with CCTV for your business? Call our business CCTV specialists now.