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What is The Real Cost Of Fire To A Business?

What is The Real Cost Of Fire To A Business?

A fire can be disastrous wherever it takes place. However, a fire in your business premises can cause havoc for your business and employees. It will also result in huge amounts of cost to you.

However, the real cost of fire to a business isn’t just financial. A fire in your business can cost you in many different ways. Some of which we have listed below. We hope these considerations help you understand why it’s essential to have the right fire safety equipment in place. This enables you and your staff members to be prepared in case of a fire.

  • Staff Absence

If there has been a fire in the workplace it can put staff members off from returning to the place of work if they don’t feel it is safe. Dependent on the severity of the fire and how much damage there was, it may not even be possible for staff members to return to the business.

  • Depleted Morale

Coming into the office after there has been a fire is bound to knock team morale. It will have a negative impact on the business. Work equipment could be damaged too, which will make it harder and more stressful to complete work. Customers may notice a delay too. This will mean your staff members dealing with unhappy customers, which will further knock morale.

  • Building Damage

When a fire breaks out the risk of structural damage to your business premises is very real. The building could be considerable damaged dependent on how serious the fire is. This could present a huge safety risk to you and your staff members. This means time will need to be taken for a professional to assess the building and allow you and your employees back into the office building.

  • Damaged Equipment

Dependent on the type of business you run and how you operate, you may rely heavily on your equipment. For example, there may be machinery that is needed to make the products or computers to provide the services the business offers? Often, in the case of a fire, there will be equipment that is so badly damaged it cannot be used. The real cost of fire to a business in this cade is not just the cost of replacing the equipment, but also the cost of redoing any lost work.

  • Physical Document Damage

While the computers and machinery are an important part of the business, so are your documents. Your vital business documents going up in smoke can cause untold amount of stress, hassle, worry and problems for your business. Whether it’s signed contracts, NDAs, business agreements, confidential records or similar – it will be extremely hard to replace these documents.


If you want to check the fire safety of your business to protect your business from the real cost of fire, call our team now. We can assess your business and recommend the best fire alarms and suitable fire safety equipment to protect your business and your employees.