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What’s so important about fire extinguishers?

Under the Fire Safety Order (2006), all employers are required to provide an adequate means of fighting a fire.

Jensen Security and Fire Systems can install a fully comprehensive fire alarm system; in addition we can also supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire extinguishers. We can provide a wide range of water, foam, CO2 or powder extinguishers through our quality suppliers and tailor products depending on your environment. Our Site Surveyor will assess your fire extinguisher requirements based on the size of your property and the fire hazards and risks within your workspace.

Types of Extinguishers and Uses:

  • Water – Water extinguishers are used in the event of fires from organic solids such as paper or wood
  • Foam – Foam extinguishers can be used to douse organic solid fires as well as flammable liquids such as petrol
  • CO2 – CO2 extinguishers are used for fires involving electrical appliances as well as flammable liquids
  • Powder – Powder extinguishers work for all of the above and can also be used in the event of a fire involving flammable gases

Servicing and maintenance:

Once installed, fire extinguishers should be regularly maintained and serviced by a competent person who is trained to follow the British Standard code of practice (BS 5306-3:2000). All employers responsible for workplace environments must have their fire extinguishers serviced in line with this standard. Jensen Security and Fire Systems has a team of fully qualified BAFE Engineers who have the necessary training and experience, with access to the relevant tools, equipment and information of portable fire extinguishers, to be capable of carrying out the relevant maintenance procedures of the British standard to ensure that you are fully compliant.

Contact us today:

Fire extinguishers play a pivotal role in the preservation of life and property. Often fire extinguishers are sought out and generally the first form of fire fighting on the scene of a fire. It is imperative fire extinguishers are well installed and maintained. If you would like to discuss the installation or maintenance of fire extinguishers any further, or for more detailed servicing information, please call the office on 01733 391888.