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Business Security

When Are Businesses Most At Risk And How Can This Risk Be Reduced?

Vandalism and malicious damage to a property can happen at any time. However, according to research by the British Crime Survey; 77% of all vandalism to a business property during the evening or throughout the night. This isn’t particularly surprising. After all, vandals want to cause trouble under the cover of darkness and when fewer people are around.

The British Crime Survey report goes on to state that 59% of anti-social behaviour issues occur during the week. The other 41% of anti-social behaviour issues take place at the weekend.

So, when are businesses most at risk? Businesses are most at risk from vandalism, damage and anti-social behaviour issues during evenings, nights and weekends. These are likely to be times that you are not in your business premises so criminals feel they have free reign.

The FSA did some research that looked at how businesses are securing and protecting themselves. It was found that 71% of small businesses have taken at least one defensive measure against the traditional crimes that are committed against businesses. For 46% of these small businesses, the defensive measure they took was installing or upgrading their security systems. This included better quality locks, alarms and CCTV surveillance.

Ensuring that you have adequate defensive measures in place to protect your business, business premises and employees is essential. If a burglary or vandalism was to take place on your business it can be devastating. No matter the shape or size of your business, a crime of this sort will majorly affect your business in multiple ways.

If you are looking to reduce the risk of crime to your business, call our business security experts now. We can provide you will a crucial and cost-efficient layer of security to your business. No matter the shape or size of your business, we can create the perfect, tailor-made security solution for your business and budget.