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Business Security

Who Is Responsible For Your Business Security?

By December 25, 2019No Comments

When we speak to business owners about business security, one question we often ask is “Who is responsible for your business security?”. The person we speak to will often say it is them; that is why they are calling us, but what about when they are away?

What we really mean when we ask who is responsible for your business security, we mean every day. We don’t mean who makes the decisions about the business security you need. Instead we mean which one person, or few people, are responsible for overseeing the security of the business?

Reports show that 21% of construction sites experienced crime in 2015. In the agricultural sector vandalism, theft and burglary were the most common types of crime experienced. Meanwhile in the wholesale and retail sector shoplifting was a significant problem. Reports show that there were 8,862 shoplifting incidents per 1,000 premises.

Crimes again businesses are a huge threat, regardless of your business size, industry and location.

Having one person or a small team of people responsible for overseeing your business security is something we highly recommend. This should be a longstanding and trustworthy employee. It needs to be someone that has the capacity in their job role to focus on business security as well as their other job responsibilities.

The person or people that you choose do not need to be an expert in all things business security. Instead they need to be able to track and monitor those that are privy to security information. They need to be the main point of call for security service providers, such as the alarm receiving centre and security systems maintenance for example.

They will also need to be responsible for ensuring that all security systems are maintained. Another responsibility within this position is to update key holder information be the point of contact for any security information for the site.

So, who is responsible for your business security?