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Why Do Large Domestic Properties Need Heat Detectors?

By October 10, 2023No Comments

Why Do Large Domestic Properties Need Heat Detectors?

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems, we want you to rest easy while feeling safe and protected in your own home. This is why we offer wireless monitored heat detectors to large domestic properties like yours. These domestic heat detectors offer constant protection for your home. They also offer early smoke and fire warning so immediate action can be taken.

Smoke alarms are great in properties, so why would you need a domestic heat detector too? Domestic heat detectors are best suited to large domestic properties where dust, fumes and moisture can cause nuisance to smoke alarms. A heat detector is best placed in a laundry room, boiler room, kitchen, loft or garage within large domestic properties.

That said, there are British Standards that recommend the best locations for heat detectors in large domestic properties to be placed. For example, it is recommended that the domestic heat detector is installed on the ceiling as central in the room as possible. The domestic heat detector should also be sited at least 300mm from walls and light fittings. This ensures that any dead space where the airflow is blocked would be avoided.

It is also recommended by the British Standards that the heat detector in your large domestic property is installed within 3m of every escape door or bedroom. This will help to ensure audibility. It will enable everyone in the large domestic property to hear the heat detector if it is triggered. In addition, it is recommended that domestic heat detectors are positioned between high-risk rooms and bedrooms. If you have peaked or sloped ceilings in your home, there are additional recommendations. You need to make sure there is a maximum of 150mm vertically down from the ceiling to the floor.

As with most fire safety and home security systems, there are lot of regulations and recommendations. It can be hard to get your head around all the different recommendations. This is where the domestic heat detector installers here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems can help. We know all the regulations and recommendations like the back of our hand. Our heat detector engineers can install your fire safety systems safely and professionally. This means that you can rest easy in your home. If the worst happens, you know you will be alerted quickly.