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Why Do You Need Fire And Safety Alarm Tests?

By July 14, 2021No Comments

Why Do You Need Fire And Safety Alarm Tests?

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we understand the important of fire and safety tests. We see and hear of cases all the time where fire alarms have not been tested or there is not a fire procedure in place within a business. So why do you need fire and safety alarm tests in your business?

Every year there are around 496,000 incidents attended every year. Out of these 496,000 incidents, 155,000 are fire related. Further to this, around 65,000,000 people live in the UK and around 325 of them die each year due to a fire. This equates to almost one first related death every day for over 10 months of the year.

35% of those 325 fatalities in fire are due to there being no smoke or fire alarm present, or the smoke alarm unit is faulty. Ensuring that you regularly maintain and test the fire alarms in your home or business will help reduce the amounts of deaths caused by fire.

These statistics that explain why you need fire and safety alarm tests in your business have come from the government. They can be found on

When was the last time that the fire alarms and smoke alarms in your business premises were tested? If you can’t remember, why not give that responsibility to a reliable member of your team. It is then their duty to check the alarm at a set time of a set day every week. This way you know that if there was going to be an emergency, then the alarm will sound to alert people within your business premises.

If there are any issues and the test does not work, then you can call in the fire safety experts. They can fix the fault. If you have found that the smoke alarms or fire alarms in your business are faulty, call our team. We can arrange an emergency visit to your business. Our fire safety experts will get your fire and smoke alarms in good working condition as quickly as possible.

Call our team now to book your fire safety test.