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Why Use The Same Partner For Your Fire And Business Security Needs?

By February 1, 2023No Comments

Why You Should Use The Same Partner For Your Fire And Security Needs

Running a business isn’t easy. There is a lot involved and it often feels like you have to know everything and do everything. As a business owner you will feel like you have a long list of things to do, and the list never seems to get any shorter. If anything, it’s a never-ending list of responsibilities.

Well, help is at hand. The team here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems are here to take some of those responsibilities off your hands for you. When it comes to your business security and fire safety needs, we are here. You don’t need to shop around for the best price, experience or level of service. We have many years’ experience helping business owners just like you with fire safety and business security needs.

As a family-run business ourselves, we know how much business owners need a no-fuss approach to fire safety and business security needs so that is what we offer. Below we have shared just some of the benefits you will gain by choosing the same partner for your fire safety and business security needs. If you have any questions, call our team.

  • One Contact

When it comes to running your own business there are lots of suppliers you deal with. This can get confusing and even overwhelming. Instead of having separate contacts for your fire alarm maintenance, CCTV camera maintenance, intruder alarm repairs and fire extinguisher checks – we can do all that and more for you. You’ll have one point of call for all your fire safety and security requirements.

  • Paperwork In One Place

Fire safety reports and security maintenance checks give you important documents. However, managing and filing all your paperwork and documents is a whole new task in itself. When you use our team for your fire safety and business security management, we can look after all the paperwork for you. You can centralise all your paperwork and know exactly where the documents you need are.

  • One Visit

Instead of calling multiple tradespeople and engineers to book visits in at times that suit the business, you can book one visit instead. Our fire safety specialists and security engineers can attend at the same time to complete all the maintenance checks and repairs you need. Less visits means less disruption to your business – and all the appointments can be managed with ease, in one go.

  • One Invoice

Paying invoices can be time-consuming. Logging into your bank account and then sending out payments here, there and everywhere. You can get it done pretty easily, unless an invoice is missing, or you’re distracted. When you use one provider, like Jensen Security and Fire Systems, everything is on one invoice. This makes invoice management easier with less paperwork and fewer payments too.


Want to know more about why you should use the same partner for your fire safety and business security requirements? Call our team now.