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School Security

Why You Need To Install Security Cameras In Your School

By August 12, 2020August 18th, 2020No Comments

Schools are busy places. There are lots of students and staff, not to mention visitors to the school too. You need to keep your students safe, but your need to protect your teaching staff members too. Security cameras in your school are a great way of protecting your school, while keeping students and staff safe.

It’s not easy to have eyes everywhere, but when you install security cameras in your school, this is exactly what you have the ability to do. Security cameras make it easier to see what is going on throughout your building.

So, what are the benefits of security cameras in schools?

  • CCTV cameras at the entrances to your school premises allow you to monitor who enters the building. CCTV in these areas can also be used to work with access control security measures too.
  • If a crime was to occur in your school building, security cameras will have this evidence available for you. This can also be used in the case of false claims from students or staff, as well as evidence of bad behaviour at school.
  • In many cases, security cameras will be connected to fire and security alarms. The security camera footage can then be used to summon an emergency response if it is required within your school.
  • Car parks are often a popular place for crimes and vandalism to take place. There are lots of cars in a school car park. With the addition of many new drivers in your school, the chances of a driving accident are high too. Having security cameras in the car park can help deter potential criminals but it will also provide students and staff with the evidence they need if their car is damaged.

Lots of research proves that CCTV cameras and security cameras at schools will help deter crime as they are visible and can be easily seen. If you are concerned about potential crime in your school or you want to further protect your employees and students; call our team.