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Will The Move To All-IP Affect Security Alarm Monitoring?

By November 3, 2021No Comments

Will The Move To All-IP Affect Security Alarm Monitoring?

It’s likely that you will have heard in the media that BT is shutting down all PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by 2025. This has led to many business owners and homeowners worrying about the alarm monitoring for their alarm systems and CCTV security cameras. How will an all-IP switch affect their security measures?

So, will the move to all-IP affect the security of your home or business?

Generally speaking, all security installation systems installed in the last few years will be compatible with the new IP requirements. However, if you have an older security system protecting your home or business, it is likely that it will require an upgrade. If you’re not sure if your security systems are compatible with the new IP requirements, call our team. We can review your home or business security to ensure you’ll be safe when the switch is made.

The switch will affect traditional PTSN based monitoring. It will also affect communication systems that use 2G and 3G wireless mobile protocols. This is because these are now outdated. This will include combined ‘dual path’ security systems too.

While the proposed end target date isn’t until 2025, we recommend you don’t sit easy until then. Digital services are likely to start rolling out anytime now. This could consequently result in signalling issues for some systems before the 2025 switch date.

It is essential that you future proof your home and business security as soon as possible. As the end date comes round, we will get busier with clients that have found their security monitoring is no longer working or they have left it until the last minute. By calling us now for a home and business security review you can ensure that you’ll be safe as the switch takes place.

We can make recommendations to improve your home and business security. We can update any outdated systems and install new security measures if and where required. Our security experts are here to give our customers complete peace of mind that their business or home is safe and secure.

Worried about an all-IP switch for your security? Make sure you are safe when the switch happens. Call our security team to protect yourself for the future.