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Thinking Like A Thief Protects Your Home

By October 23, 2019October 30th, 2019No Comments

Thinking Like A Thief Protects Your Home

In previous blog posts we have spoken about the profound financial and psychological effects that a burglary in a home can have on the victim. Your home is your castle and it is only normal that when a stranger violates your privacy and steals valuable and sometimes irreplaceable valuables, you are left feeling scared and unsafe.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if you begin thinking like a thief you will find ways that you can better protect your home. Before you rush out and spend a small fortune on all the latest home security tricks, tools and technology, stop.

Thinking like a thief will protect your home, so look at your home, through the eyes of a potential thief.

Very few burglaries are the result of opportunistic actions. In fact acting on impulse can draw attention and that is what thieves know and want to avoid. If they act on impulse they may make mistakes, leave evidence and increase the risk of getting caught.

Criminals prefer to create a plan of action before they strike. Potential thieves will be keeping check on your home and checking out the local area. They will be looking for future opportunities and looking out for vulnerable properties.

Isolated homes, empty homes and properties that are hidden behind thick hedges and high fences are a potential thieves dream. This is especially the case when there is no visible security such as security lighting or CCTV security cameras. Homes where the likelihood of being spotted is less likely is a much more attractive home to a potential thief.

So, let’s start thinking like a thief. Look at your property. How would you break into it if you were a thief? Is there a way that they can break in to your home without being seen? Is there any visible home security that would act as a deterrent to a potential thief?

By thinking like a thief you can protect your home. Call our home security experts now to see how we can help you think like a thief and improve your home security. Your home is your castle and we think you should feel safe in your own home.