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Top Reasons Your Business Needs Video Surveillance

By September 30, 2020No Comments

If you have been unsure if your business needs video surveillance or not, then this is a must-read blog post for you. We share the reasons that we think your business needs video surveillance. Some of these reasons you may have considered already, others you may have not.

Have a read and see what you think. If you decide that your business definitely needs video surveillance, then contact our team now. We can visit your business premises and recommend the best video surveillance for you. Our video surveillance experts will suggest where CCTV cameras should be installed to ensure your whole business is monitored, to protect you from potential crime.

CCTV To Increase Security & Safety

When you have security cameras positioned throughout your business you are preventing crimes and break-ins taking place. Research shows that businesses are 4 times more likely that homes to be burgled. Security cameras can held avoid this.

CCTV To Prevent Theft

The 30th Annual Retail Theft Survey showed that that nearly one in every 35 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2017. Video surveillance helps catch the theft taking place. It also deters potential thieves from committing the crime in the first place.

CCTV to Avoid Fraud

Research shows that a typical business can lose up to 5% of its revenue because of fraud. Having video surveillance in your business will deter potential fraudsters from committing the crime. You will also have the evidence you need if this crime was to take place in your business.

CCTV Protects Smaller Businesses

80% of all crimes on businesses took place in businesses of less than 100 employees. Over half of these businesses employed less than 25 people. CCTV surveillance cameras helps to protect employees within these smaller businesses.

CCTV Makes Smaller Businesses Less Vulnerable

Criminals know that smaller businesses are more vulnerable. This is because they will often have fewer safeguards in place. Video surveillance in smaller businesses helps boost the security measures of smaller businesses. In turn this makes smaller businesses less vulnerable to potential crimes on their business.

CCTV Improves Customer Perception

The presence of a good CCTV security system in a business boosts your brand image. It shows your customers that you care about them, their safety and their security. Seeing signs that state you have a working CCTV surveillance system in place gives customers the piece of mind that they are safe in your business.

CCTV Protects Employees

CCTV surveillance cameras will be installed in and around your business. Not only do the CCTV cameras protect employees inside your building, it protects their cars when they are at work and them as they leave work. It can alert you of any suspicious activity in or around your business. This will help protect your employees, their cars or bikes and their belongings.