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Waking Watch Funding

Waking Watch Relief Fund Becomes Waking Watch Replacement Fund

By February 17, 2022No Comments

Waking Watch Relief Fund Becomes Waking Watch Replacement Fund

Early this year the UK government announced that a further £27 million would be available. This has been introduced to fund the installation of fire alarm systems. In turn, this would replace the costly Waking Watch measures. These are in place in all buildings within England that have a Waking Watch patrol currently in place. The cost of which is at cost to the leaseholders of the building.

The £27 million is to be added onto the £35 million Waking Watch Relief Fund. The additional funds have been made available to support more buildings. Previously, the Waking Watch Fund was only available to high rise buildings. Buildings that were over 17.7 metres in height and had unsafe cladding.

The extra £27 million added to the funding pot means that financial support is available to even more buildings. It is also aligned with guidance that has been published by the National Fire Chief’s Council, also known as NFCC. This guidance is on buildings that change from a ‘Stay Out’ to a ‘Simultaneous Evacuation’ fire safety strategy.

The main people to benefit from the Waking Watch Relief Fund as it has become the Waking Watch Replacement Fund is leaseholders. Leaseholders who may have faced the high costs for interim measures such as a waking watch patrol.  This funding will help them deliver a better and long-term fire safety system in their buildings.

The fund will cover any upfront capital costs involved in the installation of a fire alarm system. The common fire alarm system will be designed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5819-1 for a Category L5 system.

To be eligible for this funding, your building must be location in England. It must be a residential building. The building must also have a waking watch in place. The costs of which have been passed on to the leaseholders.

This funding is also available to social sector buildings where the Registered Provider can prove that waking watch costs have been passed to the leaseholder. They must also prove that the cost of installing a fire alarm system will fall on the leaseholders. If this can be proven, then the social sector building will be eligible for funding.

The great thing about the Waking Watch Relief Fund becoming the Waking Watch Replacement Fund is that there is more funding available, and more buildings can be made safer against a potential fire.

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